Stefan Van Dorn

This is a desk lamp that I designed for the final in my Intro to CAD class, fall of 2019. We were given the task of designing a light emitting product in Rhino and rendering it in KeyShot.

I wanted to create a desk light that would solve a problem I have. Whenever I am reading or doing homework at my desk, there is always a glare on my paper no matter which lights are on. So I wanted to design a light that could easily be directed at any angle, for glare reduction. 

  • First, I started off with a stand that would allow the light source to be rotated 360 degrees. Quickly after I began I realized simply rotating the light up and down most likely wouldn’t reduce as much glare as I was hoping for. 
  • I then decided to allow for the top bar to be brought up and down, it was my hope that the combination of up/down movement and 360 degree rotation would reduce much of the glare that I expeircended with my lamps and overhead lighting. 
  • Here is a quick look at how I decided to accomplish those thoughts. The bar could now travel all the way, along inside tracks, up and down the legs. 
  • The next thing I had to do was figure out how to secure the bar into place once in the desired position. 
  • I added two screw caps on both ends of the pipe to secure it in place at the desired location.
  • Next I added the reflective shade that would house the lightbulbs. The flat rectangle at the bottom is just for personal reference of the demensions. 
  • Lastly I added the bulbs and their hosuing sockets and my anti-glare desk lamp was complete. 
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