Stefan Van Dorn

Week 1

I have just completed the first week of the 2020 Winter Quarter here at Walla Walla University. It is looking to be an exciting quarter. I am taking Web Design, Design Principles 1, Fine Woodworking, Sermon on the Mount, US History, and Badminton.

The homework began to accumulate right off the bat. I realized that between US history and Sermon on the Mount, I will have a lot of reading to do which I am not quite looking forward to. The rest of my classes I can say I am looking forward to.

To become prepared for all of my classes, I made a schedule where I can list each thing that is due on the day of the week. I had this last quarter and it really helped me stay on track. On top of that, it helps me to be prepared for what is to come later on in the quarter.

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